Thursday, March 16, 2017

Successional Wood Engravings

This post is looking back at engravings I completed in China in 2015. The opportunity to go to China was something I could not pass up. I needed to recharge in a place I have never visited but also so cultural rooted in. I also wanted to see where printmaking began and how this tradition is being taught, how it has kept up in translating current cultural ideas. And who doesn't want to go for the food?

Untitled (Primary Succession I), 2015
Wood engraving; 18x20"

Untitled (Primary Succession II- box#6), 2015 
Wood engraving;  36x25"

Succession (Raw, cube), 2015
Wood engraving; 36x25"

Untitled (Succession-Raw), 2015
Wood relief; 25x36" 

Succession is a series of wood engravings about the interface between man-made and natural. A disturbance in the landscape reestablishes balance with an ecological community over time. These successional stages begin with pioneering plants such as grasses that are the focus of this series.   


Thursday, April 4, 2013

Monday, October 1, 2012

Marine Art Salon No.4, Works 092 - 140

Bathroom Piece, February 13-April 9, 2010

Friday, August 24, 2012

Series on 60's Educational Books

Penal Code  269 a and b #3, 2007, Reductive Stone Lithography; 18x15in

Penal Code 269 a and b #2, 2007, Reductive Stone Lithography; 18x15in

Penal Code 269 a and b #4, 2007, Reductive Stone Lithography; 18x15in

Tuesday, May 13, 2008


Untitled, 2006- Etching, Image: 12x12", paper: 18x18"

Untitled, 2004- Etching/Chine Colle on grey Magnani Image: 12x12", Paper: 20x20"

Human Mordant, 2006- Reductive Stone Lithography 18x14.5"

Untitled, 2006- Reductive Stone Lithography, 18x15"

Untitled, 2004- Lithograph, 12.5x15.5"

Purge, (TR Simon Green), 2004- Drypoint 9.5x10.5"

Untitled (hand on neck), 2004- Drypoint 9.75x9.5"

Untitled (hand pulling hair), 2004- Drypoint/Spit bite 10x17"

Untitled(1) , 2006- Green on Tan Magnani, Chine Colle image:7.5x7.5, paper: 12x12

Critical Vignette, 2006- Dry point, 10.5x12

April 10, 2005 3am- Etching 22x18in

Untitled (1), 2006- D-Chine Colle on Simon Green, Image: 12x8", Paper: 18x14"

Untitled (Fingerprint), 2004- Drypoint 12x14"

Room 402, etching, 2005 13x13in